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Getting Engaged

The world of communications has been transformed. Social media has arrived, and it’s here to stay. Changing forever the way in which we view, talk about and engage with brands. Drawing on our digital expertise and PR skills, we will tailor a social media solution that keeps you ahead of the game. Providing a key brand building and marketing tool for your business.

Social media is a conversation online. Is your company involved?

Social media is not a strategy or campaign. It is a conversation that occurs online around your brand. You can choose to be involved in the conversation or not. We allow our clients to start and engage with conversations online using the most appropriate method. Social media marketing is about involvement and finding the right approach, get it right and you will see it pay dividends for company reputation online. Do it wrong and the damage can be irreparable. HROC understands that social media marketing is more than just a Facebook page, Twitter feed or a stale blog. Using our digital experience and PR knowledge, we have managed to provide a social media solution that gives our clients presence in this arena that speaks for the brand, promotes it and gains the most exposure for our clients. At HROC we combine the social marketing expertise of the digital team and the communication skills of the public relations team. This means our clients get a digital social media strategy that stays ahead of the rest, but still manages to converse to their community in a voice that represents their business. Finding the right approach is not always straightforward, social media is a marketing channel that needs to be developed over time to find out what works and the best way to interact with you community and users. We have developed social media presence for consumer and B2B brands, tailoring their approach to give the greatest return. Whatever your objective, we can help social media become a key brand building and marketing tool for your business.

Using social media as a form of marketing for any business can pay great dividends. Ignoring these channels and hoping they will go away is a big mistake. Social media is not going away. It is well and truly here to stay.